Dear SALC Student,

We understand that over the coming weeks you will be anxiously waiting to receive your year marks and/or final degree award. In the context of the current COVID-19 situation Schools will need some extra time to complete marking and convene examination boards, which means we will be confirming marks, progression decisions and degree award information to you a little later than normal.

This additional time reflects the new conditions we are all working in, including our move to online assessment. It will also allow Schools to assess any mitigating factors in a robust and consistent manner, which will include making decisions in line with our ‘no disadvantage’ approach (where applicable). This was confirmed on 27 March 2020, to acknowledge some of the difficulties you may be facing with your studies.

You will receive notification from your School once your marks, progression decisions or final degree class are available for you to view online, as these will be published following the conclusion of examination boards. The timing of these will vary between Schools, however you should expect to receive notification by mid-July 2020.

For those of you due to graduate in July 2020, we expect that you will be able to access your official digital transcripts online by mid-August 2020 and you will be sent an automated prompt via email instructing you how to access these.  You will also receive an accompanying letter to your transcript, including details of the interventions and mitigation applied to the marks and awards. This is optional for you to use when contacting and applying to future employers, to demonstrate how the University has ensured that academic standards have been maintained, in these very challenging times.

For receipt of physical degree certificates, we expect these to be with you by early September 2020, subject to any restrictions that may still be in place across local postal services.

As you know, we are working on options to reschedule your graduation ceremonies, and we will be in touch as soon as we have more news. In the meantime, we would love to find some ways of celebrating with you virtually when you receive your degree certificates. We welcome your ideas so please leave a comment below or contact us via

Best wishes,

The SALC Teaching & Learning Team