It’s completely normal for change and uncertainty to cause us to feel uncomfortable emotions. Evidence suggests that accepting change and uncertainty is one of the most effective ways to support our wellbeing. For strategies to help you practice acceptance, take a look at our change and uncertainty page and the video below.



Change and uncertainty can also directly impact various aspects of life. Take a look at the resources below for support in each of these areas:

  • Mindset: Our gratitude and savouring journals can help you to encourage positive thinking. It’s normal to feel stressed and de-motivated in times of change – take a look at our stress and motivation videos for tips on how to combat these feelings.
  • Home environment: Changes in our home environment can cause difficulties. Take a look at our infographics on feeling isolated and coping in a busy home for advice on how to manage your situation.
  • Sleep pattern: Times of change and uncertainty can lead to interrupted sleep patterns. Our sleep video and sleep tips infographic can help you to maximise the quality of your sleep.

For all of these resources and more, visit our change and uncertainty page.