In this post, we wanted to remind you of how you can take part in Stellify, the University’s most prestigious extra-curricular award available for all undergraduate students. So, why should you consider taking part? The word Stellify mean ‘to turn into a star’ and the Stellify programme will help you to achieve your potential and have fantastic experiences. The programme will boost your CV and your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR), equipping you with a whole range of skills sought after by employers. It will also give you the opportunity to connect with others people, both from within and outside of the University and allow you to have a fantastic range of experiences that you might otherwise have missed out on. Not convinced yet? Have a look at the University’s 7 reasons why you should take part in Stellify.

Don’t just take our word for it however – you can also hear from previous Stellify participants about their experience of the programme – check out the video below!



The goal of taking part in the Stellify programme is to achieve the Stellify award. The award is made up of 3 activities: the Ethical Grand Challenges, Volunteering and Step Up and Lead. Keep reading for information on how you can complete each activity in order to achieve the Stellify Award!


Ethical Grand Challenges

The Ethical Grand Challenges allow you to consider three of the biggest challenges facing the world in the 21st century – Sustainability, Social Justice and Workplace Ethics. The Sustainability Challenge is currently on hold due to COVID-19 but, you will have the opportunity to complete it in September 2021. You need to complete all three Ethical Grand Challenges in order to achieve Stellify status!



However, the Social Justice Challenge is available for all students to take now! The Social Justice Challenge only takes an hour to complete but packs a lot into 60 minutes, allowing you to explore race, migration, homelessness, mental health and higher education.  Further information, including details on how to take part, can be found via You can also read about a current SALC student’s experience of completing the challenge by heading over to the SALC Students Blog.



The Workplace Ethics Challenge is open for final year students and allows you to get to grips with ethical dilemmas in the workplace, whatever your career plans. No matter which Workplace Ethics Challenge (WEC) workshop you choose, you will gain skills and experience that will improve your confidence and help you stand out in a crowded graduate job market. You can sign up for individual Blackboard workshops now or join other students in virtual Zoom workshops.




Volunteering is a great opportunity to become part of a wider community, develop new skills and to make new friends, all while doing something incredibly worthwhile! The range of experiences available to you is incredibly diverse, from tutoring children from disadvantaged areas to, when government restrictions allow, taking part in gardening projects within the local community. To complete the Volunteering section of Stellify, you need to complete 25 hours of verified volunteering. The volunteering can be local, national or international and our fantastic Volunteer Hub is a great place to start your search for opportunities! For more information on Volunteering, have a look at the Volunteering Service’s website


Step Up and Lead

One of the most rewarding aspects of Stellify can be how participants surprise themselves by taking on roles that they didn’t imagine they were capable of. By completing two recognised leadership roles, you can develop your leadership skills, helping to boost your confidence, making a real difference to other students and showing employers that you are ready to take responsibility. Have a look at our range of leadership roles – there’s something for everyone!


Interested? Have a look at the Stellify FAQs for more information and, if you have any questions, get in touch with the team at


We’ll leave the last word to our Chancellor, Lemn Sissay. After all, who is better equipped to describe the Stellify experience than him?