Post written by Georgia Harris

Whether you’ve already started your uni shopping, or you’ve waited to get your results before embarking upon IKEA, don’t forget to get these less obvious items that you might struggle without.

First Aid Kit

If you move in with a mini first aid kit, your future self will thank you immensely – especially if it means you don’t have to drag yourself to a supermarket on a Sunday morning while hungover or suffering from Freshers’ Flu!

I have a little box filled with paracetamol, plasters, nail scissors, Savlon, throat lozenges and sanitary products – I just restock an item when it’s running low, and it means I’m always prepared in case I feel ill.


All hail the IKEA bag. They’re great for packing your things to take to and from uni because they fit so much in; 2 bags will fit all my clothes, towels, and shoes. Throughout the year you can also use one as a laundry basket for easy transportation of your clothes to the laundry room, and you can use them to separate your recycling. And they’re only 75p each! Bargain.

Old Trainers for Nightclubbing

Thankfully, wearing high heels to nightclubs is no longer a social expectation. You won’t want to wear your best trainers either, though: club floors are sticky, and there’s a high risk of drink spillage (you won’t want to spend your night trying to get cola off your lovely new white shoes). I have a comfy pair of old trainers that I wear on nights out, which means I can go out without worrying too much about other people’s drinks overflowing.

Small Bin (and Bin Liners) for your Room

It’s unlikely that your bedroom will have a bin in it, so it’s a good idea to get one (instead of relying on the busy bins in communal areas). I recommend getting one with handles and a lid so it’s easy to transport, and lining it with a bin bag will make emptying it much easier.

Extension Lead

You won’t know how many plug sockets are in your room until you move in, so it’s worth being prepared. You could get an extension lead with USB ports, like this one for £13 from IKEA.

Reed Diffusers & Plug-In Air Fresheners

You won’t be allowed candles in your uni room, but that doesn’t mean your room can’t smell lovely! Reed diffusers and plug-in air fresheners are cheap and last for a long time (you just rotate the reed diffuser’s sticks once a week); after a long day at university, you’ll love coming back to a nice-smelling room.


Revolutionary. To use a Dishmatic, you attach a washing-up sponge to one end of the handle and put washing-up liquid into the handle by unscrewing the lid, so when you’re washing dishes the washing-up liquid comes through the sponge. If, like me, you hate touching leftover food while you’re washing dishes, this will change your life. It’s easy to use, cheap and helps your washing-up liquid last longer: you can’t go wrong.

Cleaning Supplies

If you go to uni with cleaning supplies, you’ll be more likely to clean! Ensure you bring anti-bacterial surface cleaner spray (this can be used on surfaces in your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom), bleach spray for cleaning your sink and shower (if you have an en suite bathroom) and glass cleaner (if you have glass in your room, like mirrors or framed photos): anti-bacterial wipes are also very useful. It’s also handy to have a small dustpan and brush in your room, and don’t forget kitchen roll.

Shared Bathroom Bits

If you don’t have an en suite bathroom and will instead share a bathroom with your flatmates, it’s a good idea to have a small basket to keep your shower bits in, so your arms aren’t full while walking to and from the bathroom. This basket from IKEA has suction cups, so it will stick to the wall while you’re in the shower. You might also want to bring some flip flops or sliders for walking to and from the showers.

Personal Touches

It’s important that your uni room feels like your own, and you can accomplish this however you want! Print off some pictures, get some plants (real or fake), and a lamp or some fairy lights to put your stamp on your new home. Command hooks and strips are good for putting things on walls, but if you’re still a bit nervous about doing that (as I was) you can use Blu Tack to put pictures and posters on your wardrobe or dresser; framing pictures and standing them up on surfaces around your room is also a good method of personalisation without risking your deposit.

Other Important Bits!

Here are a couple of other little (potentially forgettable) things that you’ll need: your flatmates will thank you!

  • Kitchen scissors.
  • Sellotape
  • Tin foil.
  • Oven gloves.
  • Big bin bags.
  • Kitchen roll.
  • Laundry detergent powder/pods.