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Written by Masnuna, SALC Student Experience Intern



Navigating University; finding your way around campus and a dive into some of the support services The University of Manchester has to offer.

There’s not much I have to say about how to find buildings on campus but one simple tip – use google maps! Yes, you read that right. You can find every building you need to go to here.

There is also a campus map and if you’ve read some of my previous blogs, you’ll notice I’ve mentioned building numbers. Each building has it’s own number that you can find on the online map. You can also get a physical copy of the map from campus (looks like the image below).

Now onto some of the support services available at uni – this list is not exhaustive!


1. Student Support Hubs

One of the most important locations in uni you need to know is where your student support hub is located.

If you study a programme along the lines of languages, literature, linguistics and cultural studies then you belong to the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures and your student hub is located in the Samuel Alexander Building.

The hubs are there for general help and support: wellbeing and welfare, registration, careers etc. It is your first point of contact for support at uni and they can also signpost you to other services and teams. They also run wellbeing sessions throughout the year such as guide-dog visits, tote-bag painting etc. Follow @uomsalcstudents to be kept in loop about what they’re planning for you!

Sam Alex is building number 67 on the campus map.

The image above shows the north entrance, which faces the libraries and students services centre. The hub is located in the south foyer of the building – so the opposite end… If it makes it any easier, there’s a bridge connecting the north and south wing so you can reach the hub via the north entrance. 

Check out our reel to get a mini tour of Sam Alex and find this ‘bridge’ that I mention.

The Student Support Hub will be ready to welcome our new and returning students this September in its new location. This new hub will be located next to the Lime Café, on the lower ground (basement) floor. Keep an eye out on the SALC Instagram for it’s launch!


2. Careers Service – University Place

As mentioned in a previous blog, the Uni Place is home to the Careers Service

The careers service is here to support you through your time here at The University of Manchester and you will continue to have access to the careers service up to 2 years after you graduate.

Through their various employer events, workshops, careers fairs and ‘meet the grads’ sessions, they help you: 

  • Explore career options for those who haven’t decided yet
  • Gain work experience and find jobs within and outside of the uni (vacancies listed on careers connect)
  • Get application/interview ready by running workshops all throughout the year
  • Prepare a tailored CV and receive feedback
  • And if you’re an international student, they have support tailored just for you, including supporting you with working in the UK!

Careers connect is the careers service’s dedicated careers platform. It is an online hub where you can book careers appointments, find job vacancies and many more resources to help you find a part-time job while at uni and also prepare for the world of work after graduating.

This image is part of the homepage of careers connect.

Fun fact: I participated in 2 of the UoM Schemes listed on this platform – one of them being my summer internship – and got at least 2 part-time jobs.

You don’t need to wait until the final year of your degree to start engaging with the careers service. They are super beneficial and would be able to support and prepare you for your post-graduation pathway from the get-go. 


3. DASS – University Place

Another service that you’ll find on the 2nd floor of uni place is the Disability Advisory Support Service, more commonly known as DASS. 

Disabled students make up over 19% of students at the uni. DASS is there to provide support to all who are eligible and help you succeed in your academics, your job and the rest of your uni experience. 

Check out these FAQs to find out more.


4. Students’ Union (SU) Advice Service

The SU’s advice service is independent from the university and can help you on a range of matters, such as:

  • Academic advice
  • Financial advice – the SU and the university have numerous grants and bursaries for those who need it
  • Student health
  • Housing advice – there’s also Manchester Student Homes on the ground floor of the SU which is a free university-run housing service for students

Check out this Students’ Union page to find out more about how the SU’s there to support you during your time at uni. Learn more about what the exec team is and how you can be a representative of the student voice by being a student rep!


5. Student Services Centre (SSC)

Can’t say the Student Services is my chosen place to be on campus, hence it’s last in the list, but it’s important none-the-less. 

If you’re an international student, you will be gracing this building with your presence at the start of the academic year when you collect your BRP.

If you end up losing your student card – this is where you’ll go to pay for a replacement.

If you’re lucky enough, you’ll never have to visit this place. However, it’s one of those locations all students should know so here’s is it’s location (image to the right).


Building number 57 on the campus map.


Once again, this is a reminder that this list is nowhere near exhaustive and there’s many more types of support out there such as: academic advisors, PASS, peer mentoring and more! 

P.S. Stay tuned for a future blog to find out about PASS and peer mentoring!

So there you have it! Next time you’re navigating the campus hustle, just remember that you’re not alone in this. From study tips to wellness resources and everything in between, our campus support services have got your back. So go on, make the most of these resources, ace those exams, and keep that stress at bay. Your campus journey is about to get a whole lot smoother!