Written by Masnuna, SALC Student Experience Intern

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably navigating the exciting but often budget-conscious journey, that is, university. Like most of us, you’ve likely got some big dreams and a not-so-big bank account. Many of us are on the lookout for part-time jobs that make ends meet. But did you know there’s an abundance of jobs (both part-time and full-time) right here on campus?

In this blog, we’re going to highlight some jobs at The University of Manchester. I’d highly recommend doing an on-campus job that can be flexible around your studies as opposed to off-campus jobs, such as in retail or food service, that may not be as flexible. 

So, what kind of part-time jobs are out there? Well, the options are endless!

Student Ambassador

There are many different types of student ambassadors but I will mention the main ambassador recruitment that opens every summer before our open days – keep an eye out on Career Connect.

Ambassador shifts happen regularly throughout the year including holidays and there is no commitment to how many you have to do. So, do as many or as few shifts as you like to keep that steady income rolling in.

Shifts are advertised on a Sharepoint site including their date, hours, location and details of what you’ll be expected to do on the shift. For example, they sometimes involve leading a campus tour – the more you do these, you’ll become an expert and don’t worry, there’s always a campus tour guide including routes and description of each location to help the campus tour rookies. 

By location, I mean which building the shift will be at – general ambassador shifts will always be on-campus. Hours vary depending on the type of shift. There are shifts as short as 1.5 hours which involve the ambassador taking part in a panel Q&A session. One of the longest shifts as a regular ambassador is 8.5 hours, on open days. 

This role requires no previous experience so if you’re looking to gain some, then this is your sign.


Unibuddy is a way prospective students and their families can connect with students and ask questions through a dedicated platform. So, you are paid for the time you spend chatting.

Not a lot of students are selected for this role as it has got quite a high demand.

This job can be done remotely and is less time consuming. You choose how much time you want to put towards this but a word of advice, this isn’t a job that can be your main source of income.

Students’ Union jobs

The Students’ Union (SU) has a variety of paid roles both part-time and full-time – all are zero-hour contracts as are most roles at the uni. Check here for current vacancies.

There’s a wide range of roles from school representative, to food service staff, to student experience assistant. Read the job descriptions and see what works well for you.

The SU also has a jobshop. As of posting this blog, the ground floor and 1st floor both have an area on the wall where jobs are listed (ask at the reception for directions) or check out the jobshop online.

Careers Service

Finally, take advantage of the support the Careers Service is here to provide. They not only help you with looking for internships and grad jobs but can help you find a part-time job to make ends meet while studying at uni. Keep an eye on the vacancies on Career Connect.

I’ve mentioned more about this in theNavigating Uni Campus and Support Services’ blog, so have a read to get up to speed on what Career Connect is.

Final word of advice

Of course, the balance between work and study isn’t always easy to strike. There will be moments when you feel overwhelmed, and it’s crucial to remember that your education should always come first. Make sure your job doesn’t hinder your academic performance.

The University of Manchester recommends that students work no more than 15 hours per week, or as advised in your programme handbook. 

Happy job hunting, and may your university journey be financially rewarding and personally enriching!