Meet the researcher Kieran!

Hi everyone, it’s Kieran here, I’m doing a text Q and A.
You might remember me from last year, I carried out lots of interviews for the READY Study project.

I got to meet lots of interesting deaf young people and I can’t wait to meet you all again in 2022!

  • Kieran portraitWhy did you join the READY Study team?

I have always been interested in learning about the life experiences of deaf young adults. As a deaf person myself I think it’s so important to give deaf young people the chance to share their own life journeys.

As an interviewer I wanted to show a positive deaf role model for all the deaf young people…but in reality I think the deaf young people were the role models all along – you have all inspired me so much!

  • Favourite Food?

Prawn Ramen (noodles) with lots of chillis! I love spice.

  • Favourite Video Game?

Currently Octopath Traveller on the Nintendo Switch and also Hades…I’m a sucker for Greek mythology.

  • Favourite book?

The Red Rising series – if you love fantasy mixed with sci-fi and a sprinkle of ‘hunger games’…then this is for you!

  • What are you looking forward to in 2022?

I’m excited for new video game releases, more time to develop my swimming skills and also GETTING TO MEET the deaf young people again – I’m so excited!

Just make sure you fill in your survey report for the READY Study and I can’t wait til we next meet. Thanks for reading!