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News and Updates

  • Professor Alys Young was interview by Radio Manchester on 5th October, 2019. You can read the transcript below.
    Newscaster: Researchers at the University of Manchester are looking for hundreds of deaf teenagers to take part in a new 5 years study, they have been asked about their friendships, social networks and aspirations to have Council and Charities and even Deaf Families provide better support. It is one of the biggest studies of its kind anywhere in the world. Professor Alys Young who is leading the research group says: “Low expectations are a big problem”.
    Alys Young:What helps Deaf Young People achieve their goals in life? We are not just interested in things like employment and educational outcomes, we are also interested in things like personal wellbeing, social networks. How Deaf Young People enjoy their lives and be happy.”
  • We invited deaf young people to contribute a drawing or photograph that represents for them the idea of deaf young people growing up and becoming adults to capture the spirit of The READY Study.See the Gallery titled “Growing up, Making choices and Becoming Me”.
  • We are looking for young Deaf people to work with our research team on an exciting new project. Maybe it could it be you? Purpose of this role is to be a co-researcher who contributes to a ground-breaking new study about deaf young people. The role will include working with the research team collecting data, reviewing study materials, advertising the study and advising the research team. Full training and police checks will be provided for applicants. Details of the research study can be found here.

Publications and reports

  • This short article appeared in the BATOD Magazine in November 2018. It provides a brief introductory description of the READY study, its aims and approach. Download article.
  • This summary of the READY study’s aims, objectives and methods formed the basis of a poster presentation given at the conference: “Deaf Children Now: Changing the Conversation”, June 24th/25th 2019, Manchester, UK. Download presentation.
  • Academic poster given at the conference: “Deaf Children Now: Changing the Conversation”, June 24th/25th 2019, Manchester, UK. Download poster.
  • This is the presentation titled “Deaf young people, emerging adulthood and resilience” by Professor Alys Young at the Deaf Mental Health Conference 2019, 2nd July 2019, London, UK. Download a copy or see it on Slideshare.
  • The READY study features in NDCS Families Magazine, September 2019. You can download the magazine here. The study is featured in an advert on page 4, the NDCS Chief Executive’s column in page 7 and on page 41 as part of a careers campaign article.

Project Partners and Supporters

“This research is innovative and will provide greater understanding of the needs of deaf young people and their experiences in all aspects of life as they reach adulthood. We hope BAA members will be able to help recruit young people to the study from their Audiology Clinics”.

Sue Falkingham, President of the British Academy of Audiology.


“Auditory Verbal UK is delighted to support The READY Study which will deliver critical insights for politicians, providers of health, education and other services, as well as young people who are deaf and their families. We hope that young people who are deaf with different experiences, backgrounds and needs will all contribute to providing rich data in this important study to break down barriers and improved support across England, Scotland and Wales”.

Anita Grover, CEO Auditory Verbal.


“Action on Hearing Loss is pleased to be supporting this important study. We hope that it will help to inform policy makers, service providers and employers and help enable young people who are deaf or have hearing loss live the life they choose”.

Ayla OzmenHead of Research and Policy.


“BATOD is very pleased to support this excellent project looking at how to support young deaf people to develop greater independence. Qualified Teachers of the Deaf greatly benefit from good quality research and their practice is always thereby improved.

There is a great need for in-depth research into this somewhat neglected age group and we are encouraging members and other QToD colleagues to put forward young people for the study. We look forward to following the project as it develops and to publishing articles and blog posts on our website and in our publications.”

Steph Halder, President and Paul Simpson, National Executive Officer.


Signature is proud to be supporting this unique and innovative study. The information gathered from The READY Study will hopefully provide the sector with insightful information about the lives of Deaf individuals, at different stages in their lives. We are excited to follow the results of this study.