Wave 1 – Report 2020

Who has taken part so far?

Between June 2019 and March 2020, 143 young people were screened and found eligible. Ninety-two completed the online questionnaire and 83 the online standard instruments.


Deaf young people from England, Scotland and Wales has joined our study.

Of the ninety-two participants, 87% (n=80) described themselves as having bilateral deafness with twelve (13%) confirming unilateral deafness. We are still seeking more people from BAME backgrounds.

So far we have adequate representation in the moderately deaf group, under-representation in the mildly deaf group and over-representation in the severely and profoundly deaf groupings.

Of the 82 who answered the question, 30 said they had at least one ‘additional need’ or ‘disability’ separate from being deaf.

The sample is slightly over represented in the higher groupings of socio-economic status.

Nearly 90% of the sample were born deaf or became deaf under the age of 5 years and just under 10% had one or more parents who were deaf with 4 of them having a deaf parent who was a BSL user.

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Taking part

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