The Water Resources Group within the MACE is leading UK and international efforts towards achieving water-related Sustainable Development Goals. We work with a range of industry, government and civil society stakeholders, often considering the interlinkages between water, energy, food production and the environment.

We develop and apply cutting-edge simulation, decision-making and visualisation approaches and open-source software to evaluate water-use practices, infrastructure investments and water management policies.

When considering future water management and planning we consider multiple future uncertainties and measures of performance. The group plays a leading role in several projects of national significance such as the UK’s Water Resources East (WRE) and Water Resources South East (WRSE) regional planning efforts.

We also assist several utilities with their planning analysis and have worked with government and regulators to assess water management policies such as water rights reform. Internationally we have worked with the World Bank, IFC, FAO, The Nature Conservancy, IUCN, WWF, IHA, IWMI and other partners to develop and demonstrate innovative approaches for improving water-energy-food security and safeguarding the environment.

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