Conference – ‘Rethinking (self)translation in (trans)national

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7 June 2019, The University of Manchester

We are proud to announce ‘rethinking (self)Translation in (trans)national contexts’, a one-day conference aimed at PhD students and early career scholars.

The conference aims to create an interdisciplinary space of discussion and analysis of the concept of (self-)translation and its political, sociological and ideological power. Locating translation at the heart of events and discourses that characterise contemporary society, we aim to understand what role and function translation plays in a (trans)national world. That is, how it contributes to shaping (trans)national discourses, and transcen- ding political, linguistic, cultural and geographical borders. We intend to explore the activist potential of translation from different disciplines and in distinct fields, through multiple channels and in various contexts. In light of this, we welcome abstracts of 250 words in, but not limited to:

  • Literature
  • Translation and Interpreting
  • Cultural studies
  • Media and Film studies
  • Gender studies
  • History
  • Social Studies

Please note that translation is considered in a broad sense. It refers to interlingual, but also to intermedial and intercultural processes. Key leading questions include:

  • How can translation reshape ideas of global and local?
  • How does translation defy categorizations and dichotomies?
  • What is the role played by translation in creating spaces of dialogue and negotiation?
  • Can translation be considered and used as an activist tool?
  • How does translation reshape discourses which are socially, linguistically, geographically and ideologically embedded?

Please send your abstracts to:

The deadline for the submission abstracts is 31 March 2019

The conference is supported by artsmethods@manchester


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