New library OA gateway service

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New library OA gateway service
The library’s deposit form for author accepted manuscripts now includes an additional tick box (below) for researchers to select if they would like customised guidance to help raise the visibility of their paper once published.

If the box is ticked, researchers will receive:
• an email featuring a list of social media contacts relevant to their discipline area
• the email will also contain a link to the Broadening Audiences webpage, which includes tips on how to raise visibility of research, and
• the offer of a consultation with a member of the library’s academic engagement and research services teams.
The library has also launched the Twitter feed @UoMOpenAccess where open access papers will be promoted once published.
The new service has been developed by the library’s research services team and is broadly aimed at: increasing the average online attention each paper receives (currently low ref. Russell Group average); increasing REF. eligible staff engaging potential audiences; and increasing the proportion of mentions linking to OA version.


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