Consent and sexual violence workshops

by | Feb 5, 2020 | Events, News | 0 comments

We are continuing the roll-out of our innovative and engaging workshop on consent and sexual violence.

The workshop is part of the University’s ongoing commitment to tackling sexual violence and harassment on campus and is a real opportunity for you to learn how to be an active bystander, support others and deepen your own understanding around consent.

The workshop will involve discussion and theatre content on consent, rape and sexual assault. In the second half we show you a short forum theatre piece which has been written in consultation with survivors of sexual assault and rape. Whilst there is no direct depiction of rape the content is hard hitting and authentic. The piece is intentionally as honest as possible and looks at the issues in a frank and unflinching way. Forum theatre is designed to provoke an immediate reaction, a desire to take action and intervene. From a place of seeing unfairness and wanting to change things, you as the audience will be given the opportunity to both witness and explore new possibilities and practice positive intervention.

If you have ever experienced sexual violence or you think you will not be comfortable with the content, we respect your decision to withdraw from the workshop. If you attend, there will be people you can speak to for support should you need it. If you have ever experienced sexual violence, there are lots of places that you can seek support both within the University and locally in Manchester.


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