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Launch of Overleaf at the University 

Following feedback from the research community, the networking and collaboration project in the Research Lifecycle Programme is launching premium access to Overleaf, a collaborative authoring tool, for the research community, postgraduate researchers (PGRs) and staff at The University of Manchester.

Overleaf is an online collaborative academic writing and publishing tool. It is designed to make the process of writing, editing, and producing papers and documents much faster and easier for authors.  

The University is providing Overleaf Professional accounts to the research community, staff and postgraduate researchers (PGRs) who would like to use a collaborative, online LaTeX/Rich Text editor for their work or research projects. LaTeX is a tool used to create professional-looking documents. This means you focus on the contents of the document and the Overleaf tool will take care of the formatting using the correct templates for research papers, documents and more. You also won’t have to worry about version controlling documents, as the tool will allow you to see all changes made and has the ability to revert back to any previous change.  

Webinars: Introduction to Overleaf


RLP focus areas for 2020/21 academic year

The Research Lifecycle Programme recently submitted their business case plans to the Strategic Change Sub Committee (SCSC) to gain approval to carry out the next stage of work in the 2020/21 academic year. The programme team are pleased to announce that the SCSC approved the full business case.

Find out more about what the programme will be focusing on in the next academic year. 


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