CIDRAL key ideas seminar: Natalie Zacek on Afrofuturism – 10 March 2-4pm

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A reminder that the next CIDRAL event will take place today, 10 March, 2-4pm, when our colleague from American Studies, Natalie Zacek, will introduce a discussion on ‘Afrofuturism’.

If you are on the CIDRAL mailing list, you will be sent details of how to access these events via email. If you are not, and would like to attend individual events or be included on the list, please contact Sofy Lam:

Please read at least some of the following material – all if you can – in advance of the seminar:

Tiffany E. Barber, et al., “25 Years of Afrofuturism and Black Speculative Thought,” Topia 39 (2018): 136-144 (attached)

Ruth Mayer, “’Africa as an Alien Future’: The Middle Passage, Afrofuturism, and Postcolonial Waterworlds,” Amerikastudien/American Studies 45 (2000): 555-566 (attached)

Mark Dery, ‘Black to the Future


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