Assembling Wellbeing in Archaeological Teaching and Learning

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Hannah Cobb, Professor of Archaeology and Pedagogy as well as a member of The Bodies, Emotions and Material Culture Collective, has just published the chapter ‘Assembling Wellbeing in Archaeological Teaching and Learning.’

The chapter is co-authored with Karina Croucher, Associate Professor at the University of Bradford, and has been published in Archaeology, Heritage, and Wellbeing: Authentic, Powerful, and Therapeutic Engagement with the Past, edited by Paul Everill and Karen Burnell (Routledge).

Reviewers praised the volume as covering “a highly original topic,” and characterised the book as “an extremely valuable volume of original work that could and hopefully will have a powerful impact on the two fields of wellbeing and archaeology.” Find out more here.

Warm congratulations, Hannah, to this exciting and important contribution to the theory and practice of pedagogy!


More information on Hannah’s work can be found here. Another recent and fascinating article ‘Affirmation and Action: A Posthumanist Feminist Agenda for Archaeology,’ published with Rachel Crellin in Cambridge Archaeological Journal 32, no. 2 (2022), can be accessed here.