Exploring girlhood

In this collaboration with Digital Women’s Archive North (DWAN) we shared stories and themes arising from our interview data with a group of artists who then produced their own creative responses. 

Five women artists (born 1962-1988) were recruited, bringing diverse experiences of girlhood outside the UK: Kani Kamil (Kurdistan-Iraq),  Mahboobeh Rajabi (Iran), Rand Aljundi (Syria), Gloria Saya (Congo) and Mei Yuk Wong (Hong Kong). 

The workshops took place online due to Covid restrictions. The project facilitator, Jenna Ashton, shared data and themes in advance to allow for individual reflection and practice before the online group discussions.  

It has been an eye-opening experience, made me connect with my personal stories as well as with other women’s stories which mean a lot to me and already inspired me to be creative and reflect that in my work. … I really want to take this further and try and reach out for more Syrian women who live in the UK and comes from different backgrounds.
Rand Aljundi

Selected artworks

A complete set of the artworks, along with additional detail on the workshops and discussions, is available at the Exploring Girlhood website.  

More about the Exploring Girlhood project

View the full set of creative responses on the Exploring Girlhood website, as well much more detail about the workshops and discussions.