Teenage Kicks: Girls growing up in Britain 1956-1974

This online exhibition shares the stories of eight girls, who were teenagers and young women between 1956 and 1974, a time of huge social, economic and cultural change in Britain. Click on the images below to read their stories, or you can download the Teenage Kicks zine or watch the exhibition as a video. 

Andrea’s story is showing at the National Graphene Institute, University of Manchester this summer. You can see the exhibition from the street, so no need to check opening times! Directions.

    Teenage Kicks: Girls growing up in Britain 1956-1974 Joyce Andrea Cynthia Pamela Liz Meg Valerie Sarah


    We hope you enjoy this online exhibition based on our research. We would love to hear your feedback. Please email Hazel Burke with any comments.


    All illustrations are by Candice Purwin. Thank you to all the women who shared their stories with us. We have changed real names and some other details in the stories in this exhibition.

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