What’s a user story?

User stories originate from a type of project management called agile, which is used a lot in software development.

User stories are short sentences which pinpoint the need of the user. These are then used to inform the design phase. They can be written by any user of our services.

How do I write a user story?

User stories are made up of three parts:

  • Who – who the learner or student is
  • Objective – What they need to develop in
  • Value – The value they derive from the learning


As a data science student, I want to learn how to synthesise clinical trials data so that I can present more robust findings to my colleagues.

Why do we need them?

By adding all the user stories to our database, we can find themes and patterns to help locate similarities. This means we can help design and create materials that can be reused across many different disciplines and formats.

We’ll also be able to find similar materials that already exist and repurpose these.