Partnerships with impact

Health Innovation Manchester

Our domain is closely aligned with the inflammation and repair domain of Health Innovation Manchester (formerly MAHSC). We are working in collaboration to improve the treatment, management and care of patients with inflammatory disease.

We have formed close partnerships with the University Hospital of South Manchester, Salford Royal and Manchester Royal Infirmary. This will ensure collaborative research on well-characterised patient cohorts and take discoveries from the laboratory bench to the bedside – and vice versa.

Find out more about the Health Innovation Manchester inflammation and repair domain.

Allied centres of excellence

We are home to a number of charity and industry-funded centres of excellence:


UK-CIC researchers, including Professor Tracy Hussell, say thank you to study participants, sample donors, their family members and UK healthcare workers. UK-CIC researchers analysed data from thousands of samples donated from patients with COVID-19, the families of those affected by it, or healthcare workers.

UK-CIC’s research would not have been possible without the generosity of those people, and to express our thanks, we have put together a video showing just how much those donations were appreciated.