Genomic technologies are opening up new areas of understanding of immunology while the digital health revolution is giving us insights into how inflammation and immunity affect population health.

Immuno-informatics provides the theoretical framework in which expertise in bioinformatics and systems biology, health informatics, artificial intelligence and computer vision are integrated to develop new models and insights into the impact of the immune system in health and disease.

Immuno-informatics research at Manchester builds on our strength in these areas to create the frameworks to integrate immunological data from the cell to populations.

Applied research in these areas is underpinned by expertise in statistical modelling and machine learning, with particular expertise in applications of omics data integration, biological network modelling and inference. Our current focus is on single-cell omics and systems immunology.

Our Health eResearch Centre has a world-class programme of research bringing together teams of academic researchers and software engineers to improve health outcomes.

Our imaging centre is developing computer vision and machine learning methods to interpret biological and medical imaging data.

We also have strong emphasis on training and capacity building. We created the world’s first master’s course in bioinformatics and now offer a broad portfolio of training in data science, health informatics, bioinformatics and artificial intelligence to support the development of immune-informatics across the institution.




Professor Andy Brass

Dr Mudassar Iqbal (Deputy lead)

Principal investigators