Lung immunology case study

Mapping the lungs: understanding the immune response to respiratory disease

One area of intense immunological discovery is in the lung. Collaboration with cardiothoracic surgeons and respiratory clinical academics at the University Hospital of South Manchester provides abundant human lung samples that enable many explorative hypotheses to be tested on the same patient including:

  • the impact of the epithelium on innate immunity;
  • the super-resolution structure of cells in health and disease;
  • tissue-specific influences on innate immunity;
  • matrix and fibroblast modifications across the life course;
  • immunity and epithelial repair;
  • rare immune cell types in health and disease.

By merging the results from multiple investigations we provide a personalised map of the patients’ disease that will feed into the development of a stratified medical approach.

Principal investigators

Professor Tracy Hussell

Dr Madhvi Menon