MaSH Learning (legacy site)

Welcome to MaSH Learning: Management of Self-Harm in the Emergency Department.

Please note that this is now a legacy site and has not been updated since 2018. All information is accurate as of 2018, and the core messages remain relevant to the care of people who self-harm, who visit the emergency department.

This online learning resource has been developed by researchers at the Manchester Self-Harm (MaSH) Project, which is part of the Centre for Suicide Prevention, a leading UK centre for research into suicidal behaviour based at The University of Manchester.

This resource has been designed to help you understand more about why people self-harm and how to help people who present to hospital emergency departments after self-harm.

This resource covers the following five sections:

  • What is self-harm?
  • The epidemiology and risk factors for self-harm
  • Best practice hospital management of self-harm
  • Is hospital management of self-harm improving?
  • Practical clinical guidance

You can navigate through the sections  below at your own pace. We estimate it should take no longer than one hour to complete.