Microsystems in the media

Our Microsystems research has attracted worldwide media attention. Here are some of the media outlets and articles in which we have featured:

Energy harvesters

CNBC                    Scientists develop flags that can produce energy from the wind and sun
Energy Voice      Scientists create wind and solar power flags
pv magazine      Flying the – 4 milliwatt – flag for piezo/solar renewables
Tech Explore      Researchers develop flags that generate energy from wind and sun
nano werk          Researchers develop flags that generate energy from wind and sun

Flapping flight

New Scientist       Maths explains how bees can stay airborne with such tiny wings
Mother Nature    9 extraordinary facts about North America’s native bees

Jumping spider

National Geographic    How scientists taught a spider to jump on demand
The Telegraph                Spider taught to jump in bid to create pest-fighting robots
Le Monde                        Des chercheurs anglais entrainent une araignee a sauter
The Times                       Spiders could offer a leap forward in robot design
BBC                                   How a spider jumps on its prey – Science has the answer
NBC News                       Why scientists trained this tiny spider to jump on demand

Story also covered by: Sky News, Fox News, New York Post, Gizmodo, Daily Express, Yahoo News, Der Spiegel, The Independent, Phys.org, EPSRC and many more.


Design News        Developing artificial bees to replace the real thing
Forbes                    Jumping spiderbots and beebot pollinators
Electronics 360    Jumping spider robots and flying robot bees being developed
EurekAlert!           Jumping spiders and flying bees: The rise of bio inspired microrobots
GE Reports           The five coolest things on earth this week
Factor Tech          Researchers have a plan to unleash swarms of robot bees to pollinate crops
Tech EXplorist     Jumping spiders and flying bees: advancement in bio inspired microrobots
AZO Robotics      Researchers designing bio-inspired micro-robots


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