Research opportunities

We are interested to receive applications from ambitious individuals keen to pursue research interests in Microsystems at the University of Manchester in fields including:

  • Experimental investigation of insect aerodynamics – unlocking the future of flapping-wing micro-robotic systems.
  • Elucidating the role of wing flexibility in insect flight mechanics.
  • Innovative energy harvesting for remote/distributed sensors.
  • Development of a biomimetic anthropomorphic soft robotic hand.
  • Integrated data-driven engineering to investigate insect-like wing kinematics
  • Bio-inspired body-orientation and trajectory control for jumping micro-robots
  • Design of flying robotic insects

Alternatively, follow the link below to FindaPhD and use the filters to search for relevant projects:


Use FindaPhD’s filters to discover funded PhD projects that align with MACE’s areas of expertise.

Funding and further enquiries

Various sources of PhD funding are available.

For more information on PhD project topics available that may be developed further in discussion with academics to align with your interests and expertise please see individual staff pages.

For general queries about funding and how to apply please contact the Student Recruitment and Admissions Team.

Martin Lockey
Senior Postgraduate Admissions Administrator
George Begg Building – B15
0161 275 4345

Research expertise

Discover our world-leading research into micro-engineering systems.

Meet the team

Details and contacts for our academic staff, post-docs and PhD researchers.


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Contact us by email, telephone and social media to find out more about us.

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