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Who we are

Political Perspectives’ mission is to create a space for reflective, diverse and dynamic academic exchange. Political Perspectives aims to engender lively intellectual conversations across different aspects of political studies and to reflect the emerging research agendas of upcoming academics.

Political Perspectives is a space to showcase early-career researchers’ work on different aspects of political science broadly defined. We welcome theoretical and empirical contributions across all sub-disciplines. Prospective authors might be guided by the questions addressed by our research clusters: comparative politics, critical global politics, political theory, and global political economy. Yet, Political Perspectives also encourages approaches from other fields of study in the social sciences that have a significant relevance to politics. All theoretical positions and balanced approaches to research are welcomed.

Contributions are accepted on a rolling basis. A thematic call for papers is released annually to centre discussions on a salient issue.

As a postgraduate-led journal, Political Perspectives ensures a rigorous and double-blind peer-review process, while fostering an environment of constructive and collaborative feedback. We seek to provide opportunities for early-career researchers to take part in both sides of the review and publication process.

By participating in Political Perspectives as a reviewer, editor or author, you will become part of a community committed to sharing knowledge and expertise among early-career researchers.

Political Perspectives was launched in 2007 as a graduate-led peer-reviewed journal. It was expanded in 2020 to also include blog posts, reviews and other research outputs to reflect the diversity of contributions of researchers in today’s context.

ISSN Number: 2049-081X

Editorial board

Our 2023-2024 editorial board members are:

  • Niamh Cashell  (University of Manchester)

  • Sarah Ledoux (University of Manchester)
  • Cressida Arkwright (University of Manchester)
  • Joshua Barritt (University of Manchester)
  • Marion Greziller (University of Manchester)
  • Matthew Perry (University of Manchester)
  • Charlotte Weatherill (University of Manchester)
  • Chris Butler (University of Manchester)
  • Vittorio Gerosa (University of Manchester)
  • Andrew Barclay (University of Sheffield)

Current editors

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