Political Perspectives was set up by PhD researchers at the University of Manchester in 2007 as a peer-reviewed online journal publishing early-career research in the field of politics, broadly defined. The journal was born with the aim to showcase early-career research and assist researchers’ professional development by providing a supportive and constructive environment to experience the publishing and peer-review process.

After seven years of lively intellectual conversations across over 15 different thematic issues, Political Perspectives went on a hiatus. The journal was taken up again with a new team of PhD researchers and a widened format in 2021.

The journal focuses on the professional development of early-career researchers and is still managed exclusively by PhD researchers. With the mission of promoting postgraduate and early-career researchers’ work, Political Perspectives continues to publish peer-reviewed articles and short form publications (blog post, interviews, editorials, and more). By bringing together scholarship on different aspects of political sciences, our online journal reflects the diversity of interest and knowledge within the discipline of politics and social sciences at the University of Manchester and beyond.

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 There are many ways in which you can participate in our journal. We accept different kinds of submissions, such as long and short articles, as well as long and short blog posts. But you can also contribute to Political Perspectives by becoming a reviewer. If you want to know a little bit more about it, check the link below.

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