Current editors

Niamh Cashell

Niamh Cashell is a PhD student on the DiCED (Digital Campaigning in Electoral Democracies) Project at the University of Manchester. Her research focuses on visual campaigning and how candidates use images on social media platforms. Her research will also explore how citizens engage in the reproduction of images online, and she is interested in the practices of meme making. Niamh’s primary research interests are the use of visuals in politics, political communication and digital campaigning.

Sam Toscano

Sam Toscano is a PhD student in the Politics department at the University of Manchester. His research investigates sustainability communications and consumer views on climate politics. Sam is affiliated with the SCI (Sustainable Consumption Institute). He is interested in corporate environmentalism, governmentality and critical theory.


Daniel B. Machado

Daniel Baldin Machado is a PhD student in Politics at the University of Manchester, where he currently investigates the gendered nature of political institutions. More specifically, he is interested in understanding how certain characteristics of institutional designs might prevent the passing of gender-equitable policies, drawing upon the Brazilian case. His broader research interests include feminist institutionalism, agenda-setting, institutional design, political representation, and methods in Political Science.

Past editors

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