Monday 17 July Tuesday 18 July
9:00-9:15 Welcome (informal) 9:00-9:45 H. Long: Possible forms of cyclic change in language contact: with examples of copula-adjective polysemy in Chinese and related languages (dialects). (Abstract)
9:15-9:45 J. van der Auwera: Quantifier and free choice cycles – a reappraisal. (Abstract) 9:45-10:15 R. Bardenstein: Universal clines and cycles of meaning change (Abstract)
9:45-10:15 R. Waltereit: On interrogative cyclicity in French. 10:15-11:00 M-B.Mosegaard Hansen: A typology of linear and non-linear forms of pragmaticalization. (Abstract)
10:15-10:45 E. Gibert-Sotelo/I. Pujol Payet: Diachronic change and cyclicity in psych predicates: the case of Spanish complex verbs. (Abstract) 11:00-11:30 Coffee
10:45-11:15 Coffee 11:30-12:00 G. Scivoletto: Feature cyclicity as constructional change. (Abstract)
11:15-11:45 E. Asztalos/D. Szabo: The resultative spiral in Udmurt. (Abstract) 12:00-12:45 M. Ariel/C. Mauri: The OR cycle. (Abstract)
11:45-12:15 Y. Du/V.J. Pan/Z.Li: Ergative-absolutive vs nominative-accusative: cycles of feature permeation. (Abstract) 12:45-13:15 S. Paoli: The rise and fall of Occitan be(n) and the rise of pla(n): a semantic-pragmatic cycle? (Abstract)
12:15-12:45 I. Erb: Prototypicalization – a cognitive bias for cyclic language change. (Abstract) 13:15-14:15 Lunch
12:45-13:45 Lunch 14:15-14:45 A. Pardo-Llibrer: Spanish approximators en plan and rollo between two centuries: micro-diachrony of a pragmatic cycle. (Pardo Abstract)
13:45-14:15 N.A.R. Syed/T. Sahar: Cyclic changes because of phonetic and pragmatic constraints. (Abstract) 14:45-15:15 L. Ferrari: The role of temporality in semantic-pragmatic cyclicity. (Abstract)
14:15-14:45 S. Rhee/L. Zhang/K. Khammee: The ways of the truth: the Chinese etymon “truth” in four Asian languages. (Abstract) 15:15-15:45 Coffee
14:45-15:15 Y. Kuo: Chinese conditionals: asymmetry, cyclicity and periphery. (Abstract) 15:45-16:30 A. Llopis Cardona: Pragmatic cycles in Spanish farewell routines (Abstract)
15:15-15:45 Coffee 16:30-17:00 S. Pons Borderia: Shifts in naming activities: a family of pragmatic cycles.
15:45-16:15 U. Vindenes: Reinforcement of similative demonstratives in Norwegian. (Abstract) 17:00-17:15 Goodbye (informal)
16:15-17:00 L. Rupp/S. Tagliamonte: Beyond cyclicity in understanding semantic-pragmatic change. (Abstract)