Network Workshop 1: 27-28 January 2022

Due to the COVID19 situation, our first Network Workshop took place on Zoom. Below, you’ll find links to slides and/or recordings of selected presentations.



Maj-Britt Mosegaard Hansen/ Richard Waltereit


Ezra La Roi

The life-cycles of counterfactuals in Ancient Greek: changing context and temporal reference

Sanderleia Longhin

Onomasiological cyclicity in the expression of concession

Giulio Scivoletto

Scope changes and cyclicity in the evolution of discourse markers in Sicilian.

Luisa Ferrari/Sanderleia Longhin

Cyclic language change from time to contrast in Brazilian Portuguese.

Ruti Bardenstein

Persistent argumentative cycles of pragmaticalisation

Seongha Rhee/Zhang Lin

From the riches to the reality to revelation: the development of qishi/kisil in Chinese and Korean

Ljuba Veselinova

The negative existential cycle

Johan van der Auwera

Introducing the Negative Existential Indefinite Cycles.

Maj-Britt Mosegaard Hansen

Semasiological cyclicity in the evolution of the negative coordinating conjunction from Latin to French.

Urd Vindenes

A comparison of negative and demonstrative reinforcement in Norwegian

Chiara Fedriani/Piera Molinelli

The cyclic renewal of demonstratives

Sali Tagliamonte/Laura Rupp

Double demonstrative constructions in spoken Canadian English


Final Roundtable Discussion