Network Workshop 2: 16-17 January 2023

Our second workshop will take place in hybrid mode. 


Speaker(s) Title
Sali Tagliamonte/Laura Rupp Expanding the grammatical landscape of doubling (Abstract)
Urd Vindenes Deictically contrastive similative demonstratives in Norwegian
Johan van der Auwera/Daniel Van Olmen

Equatives and comparatives for connective negation – Dutch and English (Abstract) 

Ljuba Veselinova/Anastasia Panova Renewal of continuative expressions. (Abstract)
Ezra La Roi The counterfactual life cycle: cyclicity, diachrony and modality. (Abstract)
Yueh-Hsin Kuo Bidirectional cycles of change between modals and conditionals. (Abstract)
Seongha Rhee/Lin Zhang From the riches to the reality to revelation: The development of qishi/kisil in Chinese and Korean. (Abstract)
Haiping Long/Jian Wang Morphological juxtaposition and its implications for cyclic language change
Luisa Ferrari Semantic change and cyclicity in the evolution of contrast markers in Brazilian Portuguese. (Abstract)
Chiara Ghezzi Weakening of pragmatic force and socio-ideological factors: the pragmatic cycle of Italian address pronouns. (Abstract)
Salvador Pons Bordería From nicknames to surnames and back: a case of pragmatic cyclicity?
Ruti Bardenstein Universal clines and cycles of meaning change. (Abstract)