PRiME Network

PRiME Network sessions are a chance for educators on the Manchester MB ChB  to come together with other educators and share best practice.

These sessions are open to all staff currently in teaching roles, from across the Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT). They are facilitated by an experienced member of the University teaching staff. Some sessions are targeted at groups of educators, so that you can meet academic leads, learn key updates and we can all learn from each other.

These sessions are fluid in their content, and so we ask that you bring any questions or queries, and an open mind to hear what others are doing and share best practice.

Please ensure you have the latest version of Zoom ahead of the start of any of these meeting which run on Zoom as if you need to install updates it can take 10 minutes by which time you will have missed the essential start of the workshop.

Year 3-5 Academic Advisors

Thank you for all you do for our students as Academic Advisors. It is such a critical role, and after listening to feedback from you and students we are going to change in initial summative assessor for this year ‘back’ to your own students for years 3-5 this year.

To support you there will be monthly PRiME Network Academic Advisor sessions with the Academic Lead for PPD, Dr Fiona Rae via Zoom.

more dates to follow

Please type your email address carefully as your unique joining link will come via (please check your junk) and please don’t share this link with anyone.

During March and April we will also put on some sessions to review the assessment criteria and processes – dates and times will be coming soon.

Clinical Placement Supervisors

As a Clinical Placement Supervisor, you are critical to the medical programme and highly valued by our students and we would like you to have the opportunity to connect with each other and the academic teams.

Annual Clinical Placement Supervisor (CPS)  Away Days

This year we will be offering 2 dates at different venues to offer more choice and we hope is welcome.

You should have now had an invitation with booking link from your Undergraduate Managers – please contact us if you wish to attend and have not seen the invitation:

Wednesday 19th June (will be at AJ Bell Stadium)


Tuesday 2nd July (will be at Bolton Hotel Stadium)

PRiME: Teaching Fellows

We are very grateful to all the Teaching and Education Fellows based in our partner NHS organisations and within the University. You are really valued near-peer educators for our students. Your hard work and enthusiasm is recognised, and we are keen to support you in your personal development in education, as well as in your vital role in supervising, teaching and assessing Manchester Medical students.

Please also get in touch f you would like to be a teaching fellow representative for your campus: for the attention of Dr Liz Shackley.

Please book on your choice of workshops as below (all on Zoom)

Coaching and mentoring

Thursday 21st March 2024: 1-2pm

Please register in advance. These sessions are open to you if you teach students on the Manchester MBChB and work in the University of Manchester or one of our partner organisations. On registration, you will receive a unique joining link from Please keep this safe as you will need it to join the session, and please do not share with anyone else.