Research Data

We believe in open science. We have published the following datasets and code alongside the papers.

  • Hajjar R*, Oldekop JA*, Cronkleton P, Newton P, Russell AJM, Zhou W (2021) A global analysis of the social and environmental outcomes of community forests. Nature Sustainability, 4: 216-224. [access data]
  • Erbaugh JT, Pradhan N, Adams J, Oldekop JA, Agrawal A, Brockington D, Pritchard R, Chhatre A (2020) Global forest restoration and the importance of prioritizing local communities. Nature Ecology and Evolution, 4: 1472-1476. [access data]
  • Dyngeland C*Oldekop JA, Evans KL (2020) Assessing multidimensional sustainability: Lessons from Brazil’s social protection programs. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA,117: 20511-20519. [access data]

We are keen to make older datasets available too, so please send us an email if you are interested in accessing those. In some instances, licensing restrictions prevent us from sharing the data. In these instances, we are happy to share code to help replicate data manipulations, so do get in touch.