About the project

Graffiti of a person painting 'resistance is art' on a wall

About us

A three-year project funded by AHRC exploring the role of arts in four different situations of conflict to make peace.

Palestinian boys enjoying learning how to use music studio equipment


The project partners are diverse spanning the spectrum of creative disciplines, including visual and performing arts and creative writing.

A photograph of the people involved in the Art of Peace project


Find out more about the people who are involved with the Art of Peace project.


Photograph of five women representing the 'GRRL!' documentary

Our research

Focusing on four countries, with project leads forming partnerships with local organisations to research and devise toolkits for grassroots NGO practitioners.

Lebanese mural of a woman and daughter


Exhibitions, audio, community performances and web-based content, all of which will be accessible to the communities in the countries themselves as well as to UK audiences


Contact details and information about workshops, seminars and outputs from the Art of Peace research project.