Driver stories

The average age of the working population in the UK is increasing, and people are now more likely to work to an older age. Increasing the number of years spent at work, extending working lives, is something that is evident across many sectors. However, evidence about the implications of working into older age is relatively scarce, and there are gaps in knowledge and understanding regarding the potential health and safety impacts.

The average age of a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) driver in the UK has been increasing and is now around fifty.  We asked a number of HGV drivers, over 50 years of age, and their managers to share their opinions and experiences about driving today. They reflected on aspects of their job in relation to the working environment, physical and mental health, and retirement.  Experiences were talked about and possible interventions discussed. You can read some of what the drivers and managers said below:


Any effect that work might have on the future is specific to each individual, but if physical tasks and working hours are managed, then a driver should be able to work to an older age. Future retirement plans though vary and tend to be informed...


The average age of HGV drivers is increasing, and recruitment is proving challenging. It is anticipated that the skill shortages for HGV drivers will continue. This is something that may potentially increase demands on existing workers, and...