About the Network

The AHPD Network is comprised of the University of Manchester and individuals from Industry organisations who are interested in the health and wellbeing of professional drivers, and is partly funded by an ESRC-IAA award. A key aim of the network is to draw on members experience and expertise to design and share best practice guidelines designed to give information and support for organisations that employ professional drivers. Earlier research on the health and wellbeing of professional drivers was carried out in 2017, and funded by Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research on Ageing (MICRA) and the Centre for Ageing Better (CfAB). This research was conducted by AMBS, within The University of Manchester, and the British Health and Safety Executive (HSE).
You can find out more about the findings from this research here – PDF >>

Why is the Network important?

The average age of the working population in the UK is increasing, and people are now more likely to work to an older age. Whilst increasing the number of years spent at work (usually referred to as extending working lives), is something that is evident across many sectors, there are gaps in our knowledge and understanding about potential health and safety impacts.

The UK logistics and transport sector, in particular, is experiencing an increase in the average age of their workforce. There is evidence that, when compared to other occupations, the work of professional drivers is disproportionately detrimental to health. Our research into the age and health of professional drivers in the UK will help fill some of these gaps and explore the potential of interventions to improve health. The Network is comprised of firms, unions and industry representatives who will work together to produce best practice guidelines relating to the ageing workforce and the health of professional drivers.

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Our Aims
  • To understand the wellbeing challenges faced by professional drivers and their managers
  • To understand the challenges for older professional drivers in staying in employment
  • To investigate how older professional drivers are constrained by their work and working practices
  • To promote ways employers can respond positively to the ageing professional driver workforce
  • To share examples of ‘good practice’, For example where jobs have been redesigned to fit the needs of older professional drivers or wellbeing initiatives introduced to protect driver health in general
  • To promote the implementation of good practice
  • The AHPD Network is FREE to join
  • The Network will provide access to new relationships and perspectives from within the transport sector
  • The Network will give you a voice in the design of the best practice guidelines in relation to age and well-being in professional drivers
  • The Network will share expert advice with you about extending the working lives of professional drivers and the potential impact on their health
Get Involved

Email Dr Sheena Johnson or Dr Lynn Holdsworth to become part of the AHPD Network. Get involved and share experiences about working as a driver, or employing drivers, and the impact of the job on health and well-being. We are keen to hear from anyone, whether you are working as a professional driver in any capacity or you employ drivers.