Beyond Academia Conference 2021, 25-26 February

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Beyond Academia is a non-profit organization run by UC Berkeley graduate students and postdocs with the goal of empowering graduate students and postdocs to expand their career options beyond the traditional academic track. We accomplish this career education through a series of events including an annual conference, workshops, tutorials and panels that connect academics with those who have made a transition to non-academic jobs.

Our mission is:

  • To educate people in academia on their non-academic career options
  • To help PhDs see how their skills and knowledge translate outside of academia.

Our flagship conference is a two day event with around 100 Ph.D. speakers who successfully transitioned to non-academic careers in a variety of fields in both STEM and Humanities and Social Sciences. 

As part of our conference we’ll have keynote lectures, panels and professional development workshops aimed at educating and preparing you to transition to careers outside of academia.


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