Sedimentology and reservoir quality

Sedimentological approach to reservoir quality (SedResQ) is a research group at The University of Manchester. The group is working on a range of topics revolving around a central theme of linking sedimentological process understanding of deep-water sediment gravity flows to reservoir quality and its distribution in deep-marine sedimentary systems.

Our approach integrates petrophysical, petrological, sedimentological and architectural-scale datasets to generate geological models for reservoir quality distribution in deep-marine settings.

Contact information

For enquiries in this area, contact Ian Kane. To find more details of researchers across the Basins group, see the People page.

Currently we are working in several outcropping turbidite systems, including the Annot Sandstone (France), the Rosario Fm. (Mexico), Skoorsteenberg Fm. (S. Africa), Carboniferous of County Clare (Ireland), Aberystwyth Grits (Wales). We are also working with several subsurface datasets, including from Taranaki Basin (New Zealand), Block 2 Tanzania, and the Central Graben, North Sea (UK).

Main research projects

Deep-marine channel evolution, interaction with drift deposits and reservoir implications:

  • Block 2 Tanzania (>1 km core, 3D seismic, well data) – sponsored by Statoil ASA
  • Gull Island Formation, County Clare, Eire
  • Eurotank modelling in collaboration with Dr Joris Eggenhuisen


Deep-marine lobe systems interacting with salt diapirs

  • Maureen Formation, Central Graben, UK
  • Bakio Salt Diapir, Basque Country, Spain


Deep-marine slope systems overlying carbonates:

  • Rosario Formation, Baja CA, Mexico
  • Maureen Formation, Central Graben, UK


Mass transport deposits – effects on turbidite systems

  • Central Graben, North Sea
  • Taranaki Basin, New Zealand


Reservoir quality distribution within constrained channel-to-lobe systems:

  • Ainsa-Jaca Basins, Spanish Pyrenees
  • Fan 3, Skoorsteenberg Fm., S.Africa

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