New Article on Rock Crystal by Nick Overton

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Cambridge Archaeological Journal has published a new article by Nick Overton, member of The Bodies, Emotions and Material Culture Collective, entitled


‘Not All That Glitters is Gold? Rock Crystal in the Early British Neolithic at Dorstone Hill, Herefordshire, and the Wider British and Irish Context.’ 


This article explores the human relationships with the material of rock crystal—a pure, transparent form of quartz—in Neolithic Britain.

Nick and his colleagues outline a methodology for analysing and interpreting this unusual material, and, through comparison with the flint assemblage, examine the specific uses and treatments of this material.

The sources, appearance, refractive and light emitting properties of this material made it arresting and affective, the article shows. The close association between this material and the remains of the dead suggest its use to create distinctive and memorable events, which bound the living together with memories of the deceased.

The article can be accessed here. It was discussed in various newspapers, for instance, 


For more information on Nick’s research, click here.