Introducing DiCED

Digital Campaigning and Electoral Democracy (DiCED) is a 5 year cross-national project funded by the EU as a European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Investigator grant. DiCED is designed to investigate the impact of digital technology on the organization, implementation and impact of political campaigns. The project is led by Rachel Gibson, a Professor of Political Science from The University of Manchester and includes academic partners based in Europe and the U.S. Focusing on elections in the USA, the UK, France, Germany and Poland, the project will offer one of the first systematic insights into where ‘data-driven’ campaigning is emerging, and its implications for the political behaviour and attitudes of voters, as well as party organization in these nations.  

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The Key sections

DiCED Resources

DiCED will make a number of resources available as the project develops. Our resources include research outputs, election campaign guides, external link and overviews of campaign hashtags.

DiCED People

The University of Manchester is the Host Institution for the project and the DiCED core team combine expertise in the fields of Political Science, Political Communication, Survey and Social Media Data Collection, Management and Analysis, and Research Software Engineering.

DiCED News and Events

Here you can find news about the DiCED project, relating to outputs, media contributions and blog posts, workshops, and other events.