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Research IT Drop-in Sessions

At Research IT we know how busy researchers are, and how talking face to face can be the easiest way to communicate a problem or complex research idea. That’s why every other Wednesday in term-time we host virtual drop-in sessions so you can talk to our experts in person about anything research computing related.


Data Mining Student Engagement Patterns

Back in 2019, two Research Software Engineers (RSEs) were co-authors on a paper which aimed to motivate users to reflect on their search behaviour, and to experiment with different search functionalities. This work has now been extended using data mining.


High Performance Computing for Healthcare

N8 CIR are holding a two-day online workshop which is intended to remove some of the mystery from HPC systems, making it easier for healthcare researchers to access them and accelerate their work.  It will be held on the 12th and 14th of July.  Registration closes on the 5th of July.


Research Lifecycle Programme Updates

Reminder: Lime and Select Survey become unsupported from 1 July

Staff are reminded that Lime Survey and Select Survey will no longer be supported tools at the University from Thursday, 1 July 2021. The Information Governance Office (IGO) recommends QualtricsXM as the University’s preferred survey tool, which is available to all staff and students at the University.

Innovation Club Meetings

The Innovation Clubs align closely with Digital Futures capabilities themes and are targeted at Early Career Researchers. Those wishing to get involved in Innovation Club activity can now join a dedicated Microsoft Teams space to network, share their research and receive information about upcoming club meetings. Join one of our six active club communities:

  • Mapping & GIS (Lead: Dr Jonny Huck) – Next meeting: Wednesday, 30 June – 4pm
  • Imaging (Lead: Professor Tim Cootes) – Next meeting: Thursday, 1 July – 2pm
  • Robotics (Leads: Professor Angelo Cangelosi and Professor Barry Lennox) – Next meeting: Wednesday, 14 July – 11am
  • VR@Manchester (Lead: Professor Paul Warren) – Next meeting: Friday, 23 July – 1pm
  • Additive Manufacturing (Lead: Dr Wajira Mirihanage)
  • Data Science (Leads: Dr David Wong, Dr Tingting Wu and Dr Matthew Thorpe)

If you are interested in attending upcoming meetings or would like to register to club activity, sign up here or contact matthew.thomas@manchester.ac.uk for more information.


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