“The MCHP Christmas Showcase”: A Recap of the success of our PGR led event

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The Journey to a PhD

The world of psychological research has been known to have a competitive, fast-paced and chaotic nature from time to time. Therefore, fostering a culture of community and collaboration within groups who are upcoming within the industry is vital for creating successful and innovative research. And that is exactly what MCHP directors and PGR students set out to do when planning the recent Christmas showcase.

The hard-working group of PGRs at MCHP had the opportunity to share and celebrate not just their incredible research, but also their journey’s to becoming postgrad researchers, highlighting the diversity of backgrounds which we see in our departments staff. From inspiring stories of determination and perseverance to informative talks on avoiding research burn-out, the event was a testament to how vital it is to come together and share our journeys as researchers.

Celebrating Success

The highlight of the event was the series of soapbox presentations done by PGR’s who each brought a unique perspective on life as a PGR student. A variety of topics were discussed: from highlighting the importance of their research and the logistics of data collection to discussing how to break the boundaries within routes to research careers, these discussions set the tone for an event focused on alliance within PGR staff.

The Future of Health Psychology

Professor of Health Psychology Lucie Byrne-Davis was one of our guest speakers who presented an informative in-depth discussion of the developments we may expect to see within health psychology in the not too distant future. Specific topics such as the backlog between innovation and implementation within healthcare systems, how health psychology is impacting communication within healthcare, and the current status of careers within health psychology were all relevant issues for up and coming researchers.

Avoiding Burnout as a Researcher

Fellow PGR student Dalil Alshammari was our second guest speaker who delivered an excellent presentation on ‘Harnessing your time and tasks as a PhD researcher’. This session provided PGR students with the tips and tricks to becoming their most productive selves throughout their research. Setting up an efficient workspace and schedule, utilizing digital assistance tools, mental and physical health tips – this not only fostered knowledge-sharing between the PGR students, but also created a stronger sense of community when reflecting on the struggles and pressures of post-grad life.


Lucy Hulme: I thought it was a brilliant day! Really well organised and not a dull moment. All the speakers were super engaging, especially Dalil and Lucie – both their talks were highlights. I met loads of new PGRs both in a friendly sense and in a networking sense, which is a nice change of pace from Coupland being empty all the time! As a PGR who hasn’t been able to go to an external conference yet, it was a great first experience.Photo of PGR students together at the MCHP Christmas Showcase

Audrey Bowen: I greatly enjoyed the PGR event. Thanks so much to the organisers.  Loved the quick-fire presentations which worked so well. Also, great to have time to view the posters & to eat delicious pizza.

Abbie Fletcher: I thought it was an amazing day. Really valuable as a current undergrad student to see the diversity of routes into research. And so nice to see all the staff at MCHP together for once!

Take Away’s

This event was more than just a presentation of the current work happening at MCHP; it was a celebration of our PGRs commitment and innovation within their careers. People left the room inspired, with a deeper connection with our colleagues, and new tools to apply in our day-to-day work (always nice to remind yourself that you need to take a break from time to time). It is fair to say that staff at MCHP are excited and eager to find out about the future of this event.

A huge thanks to all the organisers: Debbie Smith, Lauren Lucas, Hannah Talbot, Clare Hamnett, Laura Brown and Abbie Fletcher for all the hard work they put into planning this brilliant event!

Written by Abigail Fletcher