Living in Student Accommodation as a Postgraduate Student

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“To be, or not to be, that is the question!” (Shakespeare). I chose to be resident in one of the University halls of accommodation for the academic year 2021- 2022 as a postgraduate taught student.  A bit of a trade-off between cost and convenience, but all the same a decision I do not regret to date. When I set my preferences for accommodation allocation, I wanted to be close to campus and the city centre, in an en-suite room, without catering services, for (if I can say so myself) I do know how to make a mean omelette 😉.

Weston Hall is a single occupancy, self-catered hall for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, located at the city campus (one of 5 halls here), with other halls of residence in Fallowfield campus (7 halls) and Victoria Park campus (8 halls). Leased by the University from IQ student accommodation, it comes with most amenities one would need as a student. Arriving as an international student, with previous experiences in institutions of higher learning priorly that had taught me to always keep my accommodation expectations very low, for “the proof of the pudding is in the eating” (Cervantes). I did not know what to expect, and truthfully, had my fingers crossed and breath held right up until arrival into my allocated room, and yes safe to say there was a sigh of relief (satisfaction galore) on arrival.

Room with a bed, desk and suitcases

Day of arrival into Weston Hall at the start of semester 1 

What I love about the hall of residence is that even though it has a separate postgraduate area, which allows for quiet study, it also has a common room where you can relax, play some games with other students and just get to unwind whenever you need to.

Room with sofas, a pool table and a ping pong table

Weston Hall Common Room

Being in a hall on city campus has been very convenient for me in that I’m only 6 minutes’ walk from the city centre, and on average 13- 15 minutes’ walk from my lecture venues, which I have found to be quite convenient compared to some of my friends and classmates who stay in private accommodation off campus, with some staying as far as a 45 minute bus ride from campus.

Points worth pondering:

  • University accommodation is on average more costly than privately owned accommodation, though in my opinion, for me has been more convenient.
  • Laundry services are usually not included in the accommodation fees. Laundry machines and driers are available within the halls, with a price tag of around £4- £5 per load of washing and around £50- £2 for dryer.
  • Whether you`d prefer shared (bathrooms and toilets), en-suite, self-contained studio, self-catering or catered, etc. Price varies.
  • Comfortable accommodation that is conducive to studies will greatly enhance your student experience!