Iva Discusses the Interview Process at Manchester

by | Oct 18, 2021 | Undergraduate | 0 comments

Should you be worried about your interview?

The interview process can be one of the most nerve-wracking parts of the university application process. However, it is certainly not as scary as most candidates expect it would be. As a complete beginner in both the language and the business side of my MLBM studies (Modern Language and Business and Management), I felt very uneasy about the type of questions I would be asked and whether I would be prepared enough. Moreover, I found it especially frightening as it was my first time visiting the United Kingdom and dealing with the culture shock many new students face every year. As daunting as it may seem, you need to remember that the interview is not an exam. Its main purpose is simply to get to know you, the students!

The questions you might be asked will reflect your interests and what you have written in your personal statement. There is no need for extensive preparations, and just going through your personal statement is enough. After all, the interview is just the last step along the way of pursuing your dream degree. I was surprised to find out it was just a casual, laid-back conversation with one of my now-teachers.

At the start of my interview, I was reassured by my interviewer that we were about to have a friendly conversation, while they made sure I was comfortable and anxiety-free. We proceeded to have a brief chat about my flight and experience so far. Afterwards I was asked about my interest in my chosen language, my reasons for choosing the university and course. The conversation was very pleasant, and I thoroughly enjoyed discussing topics that I have found fascinating for a long time. At the end, I was given some time to ask about anything of my concern or interest, which was undoubtedly the most beneficial aspect of my whole experience. I was able to express my personal concerns about my studies, as well as highly-specific topics of academic interest and questions about the curriculum.

The interview is an opportunity to gain invaluable advice from academics, and experience the university’s charisma and spirit first-hand. To me, the interview was a necessary experience that ultimately made me feel secure with my decision.