My Time Studying Law with Politics at Manchester

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Written by Celina Pereira – Law with Politics Student

When I applied for my course, I was sure that I wanted to be a Politician. I was passionate about bringing about change in society and advocating for human rights. So I thought that was the best way to achieve that! But after binging what was probably way too many legal dramas, I convinced myself to give law a try. Needless to say, I found the perfect combination: Law with Politics!

If you are uncertain about Law, but you have that curiosity that you can’t shake away… This degree might be for you. People often say that if you are not passionate about law ever since you were in your mother’s womb, you won’t enjoy it! But I disagree. You don’t need a background in law to like it or succeed in it! I took a leap of faith and I have absolutely loved it. In case you don’t like it, know you will always have Politics to back you up! But trust me that Javier’s passion for Constitutional Law will win you over very quickly.

We are lucky to have so many impressive Lecturers in our cohort…some of them are our textbook writers! Hands-down, Manchester’s Law department is one of the best in the UK. Wait until you become a second-year student reading over your tenancy agreements like you are a professional Lawyer. The Politics department is also excellent. They offer a great variety of modules that allow you to tailor your degree to your interests! You never feel like you are wasting time because everything you learn is applicable to your day-to-day life or to your future career.

The most challenging part of this degree has been the exams. I am sure that when people say “Law is hard”, this is what they are referring to. We have multiple assessments worth 100% of our module’s final grade, but with good preparation anyone can succeed. The teaching staff’s support and dedication in the lectures, seminars, office hours (and even outside these) have been essential for my success! They truly make sure that you are ready for these exams, and if you feel like you aren’t, you can always talk to them.

If you are focused on your career, there are so many opportunities to boost your skills and CV throughout the year! The Lecturers invite guest speakers, societies welcome employers, and your departments offer opportunities to get involved. If you fancy a career in academia, you can also submit your work for the Politics or Law Undergraduate Journal. Alternatively, the University’s societies plan great events and are a great way to meet new people and make friends. Their balls are also legendary.

I have had so many opportunities to launch my career in the past three years, from volunteering at the Justice Hub to having career dinners with law firms, to shadowing the Mayor of Manchester. This degree has opened so many doors for me and I am sure it will do the same for you. And wait until you see people’s reactions when you tell them you study both Law and Politics! It’s a good thing people assume we are smart. Hopefully, employers will think the same. 

Good luck!