Kate, an Arabic and French alumna, shares some insights into her career

by | Feb 9, 2022 | Alumni/careers, Languages and Cultures, Undergraduate | 0 comments

Kate Oglesby, a graduate of French and Arabic, shares with us some insights into her time at Manchester and how it has helped her career. Now working in Luxembourg, she currently specialises in writing about technology and business, and is planning to move to Morocco to work as a Journalist. 

Did you always know you wanted to do the career you’re in? Did your course or time at the University help influence this?

“I did always know I wanted to be a Journalist. I didn’t actually get involved in any student media (I would definitely recommend that as it’s a regret of mine). But my course really motivated to want to tell stories of people outside of the UK.”

How did your course set you up for your career path?

“My languages enabled me to get jobs (my current and next role). I would not have even been considered for without them.”

What was the most surprising takeaway from your course that’s helped you in later life?

“For me it was studying modules and languages that I knew I would use outside of the University and not just in an academic context.”

What advice would you give to a student looking to start your course and/or join the University?

“I did a multi-media journalist diploma (NCTJ accredited) a few years – and jobs – after leaving the University. I would also recommend putting yourself out there by reaching out to other journalist, arranging coffees and phone calls where possible.”