Written by Jahra Pathan, 3rd Year BASS (Politics and Criminology) Student

“Studying at The University of Manchester I got an opportunity to attend summer school in United States. It was an intense eight-week course at The University of Chicago where I learnt about US foreign policy, US domestic policy and a combination of topics on International Relations before starting my second year back in Manchester. The program was in-depth and being a student at a university Chicagowhich is known worldwide made things easier. During the program, I felt that whatever I was learning would help me for my second year modules, which it indeed did because The University of Manchester offers modules which are diverse and wherever you decide to go after graduation and whatever you learn at The University of Manchester will set you up for plenty of opportunities in the United Kingdom and worldwide.

I applied for the program through The  University of Manchester’s Career Advice Website where a bunch of job listings, internships and summer programs opportunities are posted regularly. I was helped by the staff of The University of Manchester every step of the way during the application process, for instance letters of recommendations, confirmation of studying at Manchester, sending in my first-year grades, etc. The help offered was immense because I was so new but people at the University supported me throughout, checking all my documents before submission and suggesting me feedback on it. If it was not for studying at Manchester, I would have never known about this opportunity. I have learnt over the years that The University of Manchester holds the best interests for their students and will always offer help when asked. The summer program did not just provide me education, but it also gave me an experience I will never forget, going to a different country, experiencing their university culture and campusChicago incorporated a whole new perspective in me which changed my mindset completely.

I became surer of what I wanted to further my career in and coming back for second year I picked modules which were more inclined towards what I want to do. This opportunity also enhanced my CV because employers tend to look at candidates that are diverse and are motivated to gain as much insight as possible, it would have not been possible without The University of Manchester. I’m glad I made the decision to study at Manchester because it not only helped me gain a summer program, but it has also helped me gain summer internships through the careers fair, but also providing workshops on how to write CVs, cover letters and where and when shall I apply. The University of Manchester has helped me a lot in my personal and professional growth and I’m very proud to be a part of this University.”