Adam discusses what it’s like studying History at Manchester

by | Nov 3, 2022 | History, Undergraduate | 0 comments

Written by Adam Jennings, 3rd year History student

Hello! My name is Adam, and I am currently in my third year here at the University of Manchester studying a BA in History. I am writing today to tell you a little bit about what it is like to study my course at Manchester. Without doubt, the city of Manchester’s unique historical status was a big selling point when considering which course to choose. Being able to learn about some of the most historically significant figures and events in the city where it all happened is truly inspiring. Whilst the pulling power of Manchester as a city so rich in culture and legacy is strong enough, when supplemented with the specifics of the course, it was an overall proposal too good to turn down.

The ability to tailor your degree to your own historical interests is a very popular aspect of the course structure. In first year, there is only one mandatory module, History in Practice, which is a fantastic introduction and transition to university level history, equipping students with all the basic foundations needed to thrive throughout your time at Manchester and beyond, all under the expert supervision of your own Academic Advisor. The remainder of first year, and indeed your degree as a whole, can be as diverse in timeframe, subject or geography as you please! With modules ranging from Ancient Rome to Modern China, and almost everything else in between, you are sure to be satisfied with the range of choices on offer throughout your degree studies. The ability to select ‘free choice’ modules from different departments allows you to enrich your studies, or even just follow a personal passion. Second year helps to build upon your first-year learning, offering you the chance to produce an Independent Research Project on a subject entirely of your choice, enabling you to put into practice some of the vital skills necessary to produce a thesis at the end of third year – the culmination of your historical studies at Manchester. Taught through a range of lectures, seminars and interactive workshops, and with the support of some of the country’s leading academics behind you, there is something for everyone in the History department at Manchester.

Throughout my time at Manchester so far, I have enjoyed all my modules, but if I had to pick out a couple of my favourites, I would have to give a shout out to the second-year favourite “Winds of Change”. This course surveys a wide timespan of British society, politics and culture throughout the 20th century, but the specific focus on the changing ideals of gender, race and sexuality throughout such a time of upheaval in Britain was particularly engaging. Additionally, “Rome’s Golden Age”, also a second-year module, was another highlight. From studying ultra-modern history in the morning, to ancient history in the afternoon, the variety and flexibility offered by Manchester leaves students with a well-rounded understanding of history across a broad spectrum of time, space and theme.

Don’t forget, students studying History at Manchester benefit from the opportunity to spend a semester abroad, or even take a placement year during your degree, allowing you to fulfil your ambitions, studying across the world or gaining vital experience during a placement. Access to some of the world’s most revered collections, supplemented with the support of cutting-edge historians at the forefront of their specialisms, makes the University of Manchester THE place to study History. If I had the opportunity to choose again, I simply could not look past Manchester.