Sofia moved to Manchester to pursue her dream!

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Hello, my name is Sofia, I am from Italy, near Milan and have a background in International Hospitality Management which I studied in beautiful Scotland! Now I am pursuing an MSc in Business Analysis and Strategic Management at AMBS which will hopefully lead me to my dream job in consulting within the hospitality and real estate industry!

Since an early young age, I have always wanted to come to the UK for my university degree so that I could improve my English skills while also grow up as an independent woman. These reasons led me to study my undergraduate in Scotland. Once finished with it, I wanted to learn more and had still energy to study to improve my career prospects! Following thorough research, I realised University of Manchester was the place to be. It perfectly combines the field of study I am interested in with a diverse and international environment. No need to mention the high rankings for the AMBS!

Moving to Manchester happened in a nice and smooth transaction. After having spent the summer working in the hospitality industry in rural Scotland, I felt I needed more energy and fervour which only a big city, like Manchester would get me. Manchester did not disappoint: the first night I arrived I was invited to a poetry and music show supporting the black community and I could not have enjoyed it more! After that, countless were the activities and experiences I got involved in.

Discovering Wales with friends

Discovering Wales with friends

Writing more about my MSc in Business Analysis and Strategic Management, I could not be more satisfied. Firstly, it is worth mentioning that in a class of 84 students we have 28 nationalities! Now, where else you would get such diverse environment, I don’t know. One of the perks of the program is the client-face project over the summer. This is the opportunity to put into practice all the theory learnt throughout the year while practicing as professional consultants. Last but not least, I have to mention the career team and their support, which started from the very beginning: before classed started we had already met with them at least twice! They are exceptionally amazing. Always present, respond quickly, provide useful hints and tips and I strongly believe their support is one of a kind.

Media City

Media City

My learning experience is enhanced by the environment I find myself in. Being the University of Manchester the university with the largest Student Union, the support we received from our fellow students is exceptional. There are countless options to get involved: societies of any kind, webinars and talks, volunteering opportunities, trips around the UK, sport clubs and more. Zero chances of getting bored!

In the end, my experience as a student at University of Manchester will last one year only, and to those students coming to Manchester, I would say: ‘Make new memories!’ It can be hard finding a balance between studies and extracurricular activities, so be organised, have a plan, so as not to miss opportunities and have regrets. Also, remember: be open and do not have fear, people here are nice and will help you!

Written by Sofia Bonetti