A Journey to Dream Job in Economics

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Nor Lyana Zainal Abidin – BSc Economics 2019

Nor Lyana Zainal Abidin is an Associate Economist at a credit rating agency. In this article, she shares insights into her current role, experience at university, and advice for future students.

My current role and how I got there

I work in Economics Research Department at a credit rating agency.

My roles involve presenting and preparing sovereign and sub-sovereign rating recommendations to internal and external parties. I prepare write-ups for Economics Analysis.

I am also in charge of producing monthly fixed-income publications for investors, media and the public.

I wanted to be an Economist from a young age. The course that I took at university albeit challenging, deepened my passion for Economics. Possessing a BSc Economics degree from the University of Manchester is like a dream come true that allowed me to be one step closer to my dream job.

I am currently working in the field of Economics and Finance. The rigorous numerical content and writing skills in the Economics courses have equipped me to produce high-quality analysis not only for professionals but also for the media and public.

The migration from student to career life was a big step for me but the training that I received in my course helped me to grasp the technicalities of my job at a quick pace.

My experience at Manchester

The University of Manchester is one of the top universities in the world and has a great reputation among employers; two things that were very important to me.

The vibrant city, prominent academics and diverse demographic of students were facets that enticed me to choose it as the place to spend three years of my undergraduate.

I also learnt that finding my ‘passion’ is important as it will give resilience and help go through steep learning curves both at university level and in the workplace. The University also exposed me to diverse communities and societies that shaped me to be open-minded and flexible.

To me, a university education is important as it enhanced my learning skills. To progress in life, we will have to learn, unlearn and relearn. It is a continuous cycle.

My advice for future students

Do well academically, as you will yield the fruits of your hard work later in life.

Nevertheless, make the best out of your time at university because having the opportunity to be surrounded by academics and talented fellow students are golden moments.  In addition, it is also important to develop the right attitudes and skills and always nurture curiosity that will help you to succeed in your studies and career.